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Are you ready to ignite the spirit of imagination and create an electrifying event for your high school students?

Look no further than Elijah Edwards, the renowned comedy stage hypnotist who will captivate and entertain your students like never before!

At Elijah Edwards Hypnosis Show, we believe in creating a full-blown experience that begins long before the day of the show. Through an extensive promotional campaign, we generate a contagious buzz among your students with eye-catching posters, engaging emails, and captivating promotional material. The excitement becomes palpable, setting the stage for an incredible event.

On the day or night of the show, Elijah himself will be present in the audience as students arrive, introducing himself and building anticipation. He'll charm them with mind-bending close-up magic or astonishing mentalism, creating an atmosphere of wonder and amazement from the very start.

Once on stage, Elijah will engage the entire audience in an unforgettable journey. Through a combination of dynamic demonstrations, he will showcase the incredible power of the imagination. Before diving into the hypnotic experience, he will provide a brief introduction, dispelling any misconceptions about hypnosis and clarifying what it is and what it is not.

Elijah's show is designed to not only entertain but also educate. He will encourage your students to embrace their creativity and explore the limitless potential of their minds. His performance is interactive, ensuring that everyone feels involved and part of the astonishing experience.

But the excitement doesn't end with the show! Elijah's ability to connect with your students extends far beyond the stage. He is passionate about inspiring young minds, and his warm and approachable demeanor allows for meaningful conversations and interactions after the performance. Elijah truly becomes a positive role model and mentor, leaving a lasting impact on the students long after the event.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enrich and excite your high school students with Elijah Edwards Comedy Hypnosis Show. Let us bring the magic, laughter, and inspiration to your school, creating a memory that will be cherished for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule Elijah's unforgettable performance and begin the journey of imagination and amazement for your students. Availability is limited, so don't wait! Together, let's create an event that will be the talk of your high school for years to come.


Are you ready for an unforgettable event that will leave your students in awe? Look no further than Elijah Edwards' Hypnosis Show for High Schools! With an electrifying performance that goes beyond the ordinary, Elijah is here to create an experience like no other for your students.

From the moment students step into the building, the excitement builds. Elijah personally engages with the audience, introducing himself and captivating them with hypnotic phenomonon and mesmerizing mentalism. The atmosphere becomes electric as the anticipation for the show reaches new heights.

Once on stage, Elijah will call for volunteers, selecting those who are ready for an unforgettable experience. Through entertaining and fun suggestibility tests, he will carefully choose the best and most motivated volunteers, ensuring the safety and comfort of all participants.

Rest assured, safety is always paramount in Elijah's show, and it is a priority to create an environment that is safe, non-risqué, and respectful for everyone involved. The volunteers will then be guided into a natural, safe, and relaxing hypnotic induction, setting the stage for an incredible journey into the power of the mind.

Now, I won't spoil the surprises that await your students, but prepare them for a show that is nothing short of mind-blowing! They will witness seemingly impossible feats like muscular students unable to lift Elijah's hammer while the most petite can effortlessly raise it above their heads. They will see someone recreating the hypnotic illusion that started Elijah into hypnosis, and together, as a group, they will embark on a fun-filled trip to beautiful blissful wildly exciting experiences together!

But that's not all! We encourage your students to capture these unforgettable moments on their phones during the show. Elijah doesn't do boring or average; we go above and beyond to deliver a show that is way beyond that of YouTube fame!

Elijah's show is not only interactive and fast-paced for today's audiences, but it is also guaranteed to make your event an unforgettable success. Witness the laughter, amazement, and joy on your students' faces as they experience the true power of imagination and hypnosis.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring true excitement and wonder to your high school. Contact us today to schedule Elijah Edwards' Hypnosis Show for High Schools and let's create an event that your students will be talking about for years to come. Availability is limited, so act quickly to secure your date!


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